Tom Hiddleston - typographic portrait
Tom Hiddleston is one of my favorite actors
and a personal role model of mine. When I made
this portrait, I was inspired, as I often am, by
Mr. Hiddleston’s personality and character.
Trying to explain how much Tom means to me
is difficult to put into words; since attempting
to string sentences together to describe my
feelings proved insufficient, I turned instead
to Photoshop to express some of my respect
and admiration. The thirty adjectives repeated
throughout this portrait are not the only
words one could use to describe Tom
Hiddleston's character traits, but
they are some of the main ones
that immediately come to my
mind when I think of him. I hope
to someday thank him for being
who he is as a person, and maybe
showing him this will go a little
farther than a mere, insufficient
“thank you” could ever express.
Typographer profile - Adrian Frutiger
Throughout his lifetime, Adrian Frutiger has created approximately 25 font faces. His work includes the famous font family Univers and the typesettings OCR-B and Avenir, as well as the font that is his namesake. The font “Frutiger” was commissioned by Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris for signage purposes, which is what inspired me to create my poster in this particular style as I listed the typographer’s work chronologically.
Font profile -
Champagne & Limosines
I created this type specimen as an example of a Geometric sans-serif typeface. As the name suggets, fonts in this style are created from purely geometric shapes. To both illustrate this concept and visually represent the font’s name, I constructed a champagne glass from the font’s upper and lowercase letters. The “bubbles” are created from the perfectly-circular letter “O.”