Susan Dorta: A General Summary
     Bachelor of Fine Arts,
     Specialization in Graphic Design
2014 ~ Summa Cum Laude
Barry University, Miami, FL
     Proficient in...
Mac OS X
     Familiar with...
PC Systems



Handmade Books
Type Portraits
Identity Manuals
Magazine Spreads
Business Cards


Book Covers
...and more

Who I Am
I'm a Miami-based designer and writer (as you now already know), and I'm also someone who's simply passionate about life in general. I'm constantly fascinated by everything the universe has to offer, including all areas of knowledge. In school, I was that (weird) student who was always, on some level, interested in every single subject. Yes, I even loved math. It made picking a main career path difficult at first. I eventually made a choice in my senior year of high school when I received my own computer. I started creating desktop wallpapers of my favorite fictional characters using basic editing software, soon learned about the career option known as "graphic design," and my decision was made.

I chose this field for two main reasons: it acts as a wonderful median between creativity and functionality, both of which I value, and it allows me to work in a variety of areas. Every piece of work provides new challenges, unique interactions with others, and the opportunity to acquire more knowledge. It's basically the best of all worlds. As for writing, you ask? Well, I've always been an avid appreciator of the [next column]
written word, because reading is a huge part of my life. Somewhere along the way–the age of eleven or so–I started actively writing my own ideas down, and helping others with writing theirs. I believe that words are powerful in all incarnations, and everyone can and should feel comfortable with their ability to communicate their thoughts.

I love participating in new and exciting things, and I vigorously follow deadlines. If you want to collaborate on a project, I would be honored. Overall, my design services include anything you can view in my portfolio, and more. I also code and develop websites, and my knowledge in that area mostly includes HTML and CSS (so far). And when it comes to the realm of writing, I’m available for editing, proofreading, and tutoring.

No matter what or who brought you here, thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoy both looking at my work and reading my words. You can read about my experience and accolades below, if you’re so inclined, and/or download my résumé for future reference.
     Gulfstream Media Group:  11/15 - Present
     Graphic Artist
Create, edit, and convert ads for 11 magazine publications, including both print and digital. Work alongside production manager to correspond with clients and send ad proofs. Also create graphics and promotional materials for Gulfstream sales teams.
     G3 Engineering Design:  7/14 - 11/15
     Graphic Designer & Executive Assistant
Corrected/edited files, created logos, designed
business ads, and updated website. Assisted with
office organization and tasks, including proofreading.
     Sunshine Tournaments:  7 - 9/14
     Graphic Designer
Corrected and edited logos for Sportcation, Baseball
& Beaches, and Sunshine Tournaments. Designed
graphics for original Sunshine Tournaments website.
     Barry University
     Graphic Designer, The Barry Buccaneer :  8/12 - 5/13
Designed graphics for both individual stories and
featured center spreads. Organized general layout
of content while leading efforts to improve the
entire newspaper's design overall. Constantly
communicated with the editorial team.
     Assistant Marketing Coordinator:  1/11 - 5/12
Designed multiple campus posters and graphics
for Student Web as well as The Department of
Student Involvement & Engagement.
     11/14   Alecia Ho-Sang -  W.E.A.L.T.H. logo
     5/14   Omayra Lizardo -  Viva logo
     9/13   Turner Fenton Secondary School
                Brampton, ON., Canada  - CulterFest '14 logo
     2012   Tony Lama -  Campaign materials
              Miami Lakes Council Seat 3
     3/12    Dr. Gilbert Ellis -  Textbook cover
              Biology of Crime
     3/12    Theresa Abel -  electro artzs pamphlets
     Academic Honor Societies
 Kappa Pi'               Delta Epsilon Iota
 Phi Eta Sigma      Kappa Gamma Pi
 Alpha Chi              Delta Epsilon Sigma
 Barry University Scholarship
 Art/Graphic Design Scholarship
 Florida Academic Scholars
 Goizueta Minority Empowerment
     Published in Queen City Writers' Journal
Fall ‘14 issue - "Greek Mythology and Modern American Comic Books: How the Heroes of the Ancients Influenced the Superheroes of Today." Analyzing the connections between historical artistic depictions of Greek myths and pictorial representations of heroes in comics, and an examination of archetypes created by the Greeks that continue in modern superhero stories.
       4/13    Barry University contest
                    WBRY radio logo
       2/13    Barry University contest
                   Homecoming T-shirt
       2013   Florida College Press Association Award
                   Feature Design, Non-Weekly - 2nd Place
       8/12    Fox Searchlight Pictures contest
                   Ruby Sparks movie poster redesign
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